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2012 Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

Miki Matsuo: M1, Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Accepting Laboratory: Dr.LY Sung Laboratory

Taiwan report

   In this program, I had two purposes. First, I wanted to get communication skills in English. Second, I wanted to do basic experiments. When I had lecture in University of Tsukuba, I felt gap in English skills, and in motivation for learning between foreign students and Japanese students. So, I thought that I needed motivation for learning, and to increase my willingness to learn. Furthermore, I had not been abroad. I wanted to see what another country is like, what the difference is between foreign countries and Japan. I heard that Taiwan is good for a beginner in foreign travel, and I decided to join. When I departed, I got nervous, because I hadn't travel by plane before. I didn't have confidence about speaking correct English, and whether I could get through two weeks. When I arrived in Taiwan, the TAs welcomed me warmly. So, I was relieved a little. At the same time, I wanted to deepen my contact with Taiwanese students. When I saw the dormitory, what was surprising was that the building was greater than the dormitory in Tsukuba University. I thought that all of the dormitories in Tsukuba University should be changed. But, there is no TV, radio and so on inside the room. It is not the same space as in the customary lifestyle in Japan. However, we cheered each other up and I could make the switch so that we spent a good time in Taiwan. TAs taught us about Taiwan's lifestyle carefully. So, I really thought I didn't want to see this program go to waste.
   In the laboratory rotation, the professor arranged plans to experiment along with the subject of my study, and I got into the experiment technology that is needed for me in future. I was taught about experiments in detail by TAs. I could learn many things that I had not known in detail. I did experiments with TAs, I had a chance to think about the sense of enthusiasm for doing experiments and the attitude towards experiment. So, I thought I wanted to do experiment using these techniques I learned. In addition, I learned how to make a presentation in English. I had not done that before, so it was difficult for me. But, I could make slides in English thanks to the TA's guidance. So, I understood what is most important to do presentations, and I learned what it takes to get good presentation skills in English.
   In the second week, I paired with a Taiwanese student, and I learned methods of typical experiment. It was difficult for me to listen to lectures in English, but the Taiwanese student paired with me and the TA explained to me about the experiments, I could understand. I had to communicate with Taiwanese students to help each other in experiments. It was good training for me to speak in English. Therefore, I understood what these experiments are needed for, and what the purpose of doing the experiments is. At the same time, I could share culture, differences in values and motivation of study with Taiwanese students.
   The TAs took notice of us always, and supported us. They introduced a lot of Taiwan, and guided us around Taiwan. I could learn about Taiwan. In addition, while talking with Taiwanese student in English, I started to think it is most important to communicate easily to understand, not only thinking about correct grammar. Therefore, I had a good conversation and could get information that I wanted to know. As a result, I understood that having a foreign relationship is a big factor to grow myself. This program changed me because I could get confidence to face experiments in my study and communicate with foreigners. So, I think that I have to study English more to do that. At the same time, I felt that communication with foreigners is necessary from now on. So, I want to continue my relationship with Taiwanese students, and compete with them. In doing so, I can expand my horizon further. I want to try a lot of different things actively like Taiwanese students.

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