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2012 Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

Yuka Sugiyama: M1, Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Accepting Laboratory: Dr.SS Lin Laboratory

Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

   This summer, August 19th ~September 1st, I attended the short-term visit program in National Taiwan University (NTU). It was such an interesting and wonderful experience for me.
   In the first week of NTU, I had laboratory experience. I joined the laboratory of plant molecular biology and virology, Dr. Shih-Shun Lin's laboratory. My subject was "Construction of viral vector TuGK for analysis of SAP54AY function." It was first time for me to use "plants" as experimental materials because I use mammalian cells and mice for my study in Japan. So I was worried that I could not understand what I should do and think about my results. However, I found that there were not many differences between plants and mammalians in the biological systems, for example, both of them have the central dogma and we can express target genes with viral vectors. It was such a fresh and interesting experience for me. Although I could not get many positive data, I had so many chances to discuss my opinion with the professor and my TA in English. I hardly discussed in English in Japan, so I had difficulty to express my thinking and listen to what they said first. But later I could express my opinion more than the first day in laboratory. I think it is because of my environment in which I could use only English to talk with them.
   In the second week, I attended the animal biotechnology laboratory practice course, CBT summer course in NTU. In this course, I had lectures and experiments and I had a partner who was a NTU student. I learned and did some new experiments, including immunofluorescence staining, PCR-DGGE. I explained how to do experiments and principles to my partner and we discussed our data. I felt that it was difficult to express the principles well in English. But when we understood each other's opinions, I realized communication skill in English is important.
   And I had the opportunity to make a presentation about my research. I could not satisfy myself with my presentation. To improve my skill of discussion in English, I want to have opportunities to use English for laboratory work in Japan.
   Through this program, I got not only scientific knowledge but also many friends in Taiwan. I am so glad I had good friends and teachers. I am deeply grateful to them. And I also want to express thanks to my laboratory members, they gave me much advice and encouraged me.

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