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Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

Hidenao Kakehashi: M1, Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Major: Enviornmental Medicine

Accepting Laboratory: Dr.TK Li Laboratory

Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

   I applied to our university's Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan and spent two weeks from Aug.28 to Sept.9, 2011 at the National Taiwan University. At the National Taiwan University, I learned from the basics to advanced biological research techniques through lectures and experimental practices. In the second week, I conducted a research in Laboratory of Microbiology (Dr.TK-Li).
   In this program, the lectures and the discussions were conducted in English, enabling us to improve our English as well as the experimental techniques. And with the students taking charge in the main activities, we were motivated by each other through this international exchange.
   The program enabled us to take time to learn the advanced techniques from theory and I think it also reflected in the improvement of my English in the discussion and presentation. In the experiments conducted during the second week, the Taiwanese TA students kindly taught me one on one from the theory to experimental methodology and data analyzing techniques of comet assay and DNA cleavage assay which were new assays for me. It had been a time like no other for I gained so much knowledge.
   The discussions with the students of same age gave me strength to participate in debates, and also made me realize of both my weakness and my strength. This has been a beneficial experience for my career up in the future.
   The things I learned from this short-term visit had been very meaningful things. I attained knowledge on the research and through the exchange with the Taiwanese students, I was able to go over my own research and take a step further to my future career.
   Lastly, I would like to thank all the teachers, staffs, TAs and students for their cooperation in enabling me to complete this Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan without any problem. Thank you very much.

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