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Report on the Exchange with Taiwan Outline Course Details

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2011 Report on Exchange with National Taiwan University

Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan
   The 12 participating graduate students for Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan 2011 were selected through screening after the open recruitment.
   Students spent two valuable weeks in Taiwan learning many things and all of them returning home more matured than before.

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Long-Distance Course Lecture
   With the Kyoto University joining us this year, the long-distance course became a 3 way online lecture instead of the original 2-way online lecture.

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List of Graduate Students Participating in Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

M1 Hidenao Kakehashi  Environmental Medicine  Dr. TK Li LAB jump to report

M1 Takuya Kikuchi  Control of Metabolism and Endocrine System  Dr. HY Chou LAB jump to report

M1 Go Kikuchi  Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology  Dr. TL Shen LAB jump to report

M1 Michie Matsuki  Gene Regulation  Dr. HY Chou LAB jump to report

M1 Yuki Miura  Physiological Chemistry  Dr. TL Shen LAB jump to report

M1 Yohei Yamauchi  Physiological Chemistry  Dr. ST Ding LAB jump to report

M2 Yuri Ushijima  Microbiology  Dr. TK Li LAB jump to report

M2 Eri Takenaka  Immunology  Dr. YH Chuang LAB jump to report

M2 Megumi Nozato  Pediatric Surgery  Dr. HY Lee LAB jump to report

D1 Risa Okada   Physiological Chemistry  Dr. ST Ding LAB jump to report

D1 Yuichi Kimura   Molecular Cell Biology  Dr. HY Lee LAB jump to report

D1 Kotaro Mori  Infection Biology  Dr. TK Li LAB jump to report

* Click here for Scenes of Rotation Report conducted on last day of Short-term Visiting Program.


Long-Distance Course

   On September 21, the first day of the course for 2011 was started by the introduction and orientation by the participating three universities.
   10 lectures and a presentation in the International Conference are scheduled.
   The 10th International mini–symposium was held at National Taiwan University in the winter of 2011. Students of the Graduate school of Comprehensive Human Sciences and the School of Medicine of the University of Tsukuba participated and gave presentations.

* Click here for Long-Distance Lecture Course members, class reports.

* Click here e for The 10th International mini-symposium.


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