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Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

Risa Okada: D1, Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences

Major : Physiological Chemistry

Accepting Laboratory: Dr.ST Ding

Report on Short-term Visit in Taiwan

1. Introduction
   As a part of the short-term visit to the National Taiwan University which aims on the academic exchange between the University of Tsukuba and the National Taiwan University to the National Taiwan University, I visited Taiwan for 14 days during Aug.28 to Sept.10,2011.
   To participate in the short-term visit to the National Taiwan University, I have set the following three goals.
   My first goal was the improvement of my English proficiency. To work as a researcher in the future, it is essential to have exchanges with the researchers abroad thus it is essential to be able to communicate in English. I have made it my goal to improve my communication in English through the conversations with the teachers, staffs and the students.
   My second goal was to participate in active discussions with the researchers abroad.
   And my final goal was to learn the new techniques and adopt them in my future experiments.

2. Outline of Internship
1) Participating in CBT Summer Course
     Period: Monday, Aug. 29- Friday, Sept.2, 2011
   Through the lectures by the faculties of NTU and the speakers from the industries, we learned from the principles of the experiments to the application, the advanced technique on the five basic experimental techniques-gene expression analysis, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, protein purification, microbial community structural analysis. And in the lecture, we learned the details through the practices of these experimental methodologies. During these experiments, the lectures and the explanation of these experiments were in English and by asking questions in English, it had been a good opportunity to improve my communication in English. And through conducting the experiments with pairing up with a Taiwanese student, I had an opportunity to talk on our researches, student life and research environment in each country and had exchanges with many students.

2) Lab rotation and research presentation
     Period: Monday, Sept.5-Friday, Sept.9, 2011
     Accepting Laboratory : Center of BioTechnology
   I learned on the various experimental techniques, methods of analysis from the extraction of mRNA from cultured cell and mouse tissues to gene expression analysis by real time PCR. And with the active discussions on each experiment, I was able to learn many things. On the last day of the program, we each gave a 7 minute oral presentation on the experiments we conducted in the lab rotation and 3 minute question-and-answer.

3) Conclusion
   Through this short-term visit, I had been able to actively engage in achieving the three goals I mentioned above and it had been a meaningful internship.
   First, I felt that my communication in English had improved from participating in this program with the broadening of the vocabulary and the conversation from the daily conversation to scientific discussions. However, especially on the scientific discussions, I experienced scenes where I could not have thorough discussions due to the lack of my English proficiency and realized that I need to strive to improve my English.
   In the first week's CBT Summer Course and the second week's lab rotation, I actively participated in the discussions on the maneuver and results which had been a good opportunity to improve my strength in the discussions and communications in English. I was also able to have exchanges with many students, to talk on our researches, student life and on the research environments in each country.
   In the first week, I had been able to learn not just the principle of the basic experiments but also on the application of advanced techniques together with the detailed description on experimental techniques. And in the second week, I was taught on the professional skills in a laboratory. Through the two weeks, I had obtained many knowledge and techniques. The things I learned in this program will be beneficial in many ways in my future research.
   Lastly, I had been able to deepen my friendship with many researchers and students through this program. I would like to cherish and continue this friendship to build a global network. And if there is a chance to participate in an international exchange such as this, I would like to participate again and to deepen our friendship.

4) Acknowledgements
   I would like to show my gratitude to the teachers of the National Taiwan University and our university for giving us such a wonderful opportunity and to Dr. Shih-Torng Ding for accepting me heartly in his laboratory and for the members of the laboratory and the students who had supported me in the experiments. I would like to thank them from bottom of my heart.
   I would also like to thank Professor Irie, Associate Professor Yoh and Assistant Professor Ohniwa, Ms.Sakuma and the International Office for their various supports. Thank you very much.

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