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Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

Eri Takenaka: M2, Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Major: Immunology

Accepting Laboratory : Dr. YH Chuang Laboratory

Report on Achievements of Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

   The two weeks in Taiwan had been a valuable experience for me. Normally, I rarely have opportunities to do the experiments other than for my own research that it had been very meaningful for me to have been able to engage in the experiments with a different theme by using my own hands. In this program the lectures were conducted in an open atmosphere. Even though I was nervous, I was able to work myself up to ask questions than the usual and was able to conduct practices and the experiments with having discussions with the Taiwanese student who I paired up with and the TAs. I felt that my thoughts had broadened as a researcher.
   Moreover, it had been a good training for me that the program was entirely in English. When having a scientific discussion, it was different from daily conversations where you have to speak in orderly sequence to make oneself understood. Through the two weeks, I felt that I had acquired the strength to express my thoughts and questions and was able to make myself understood with a different expression once I got lost in the speech. I had been able to acquire this strength because I was in a situation where "I want to ask and make myself understood". I could not have improved my English if I had only been studying English by myself. And I can't forget how good it felt when people understood what I wanted to say which is why I want to improve my vocabulary and logical expressions in English to feel the same way again.
   And what was more exciting for me was that I made many Taiwanese friends. They were very friendly and thanks to their support, we had enjoyed our stay incredibly. The students were all studying the life science in the graduate school, that we were able to talk on our research themes, research life and our future. It was strange to have such conversations with a foreigner but we understood each other forgetting our nationality. I felt that even though we were from different countries, what a student thinks does not differ. Through the two weeks that they took care of us, we also talked about small matters such as what to eat and where to shop in and to tell them my requests trying not to be a burden to them. Even in such a situation, I think I was able to express myself. I was able to experience having these conversations because I had been able to make foreign friend.
   This memorable experience will influence my future life. I am taking contact with the friends in Taiwan and am looking forward in meeting them again and to talk on many things, which has become a motivation for improving my English. And I strongly think of becoming a researcher who could have discussions with people all around the world and would like to improve research and discussion ability. Lastly, through this program, I obtained courage to act properly in any scenes. With this courage, I would like to try not to miss a chance for training in English and Scientific ability.

(From report)


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