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Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

Yuri Ushijima: M2, Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Major: Microbiology

Accepting Laboratory: Dr.TK Li Laboratory

Learning through Musha-shugyo

   The two weeks in Taiwan taught me many things and I got disappointed for realizing what I lacked in and of not being able to act properly. Even though I was disappointed of myself, I'm glad that I went to Taiwan to see the same generation trying hard which gave me power to do so myself.
   What I felt most strongly through this program was 1) the importance of the communication and 2) my optimism toward the research.
   On 1), I had felt it through the two weeks but it was the question-and-answer in the first week's CBT Summer Course that made me think of it strongly. The CBT Summer Course is one of the lectures in the National Taiwan University which is constructed of the lectures and practices by the lecturers of various fields. For the practice, I paired up with a Taiwanese student and conducted the experiments.
   It was hard for me to understand the lectures because they were in English and on the fields which I was not familiar of. But seeing the active discussions of the Taiwanese students and the positive attitude of the Japanese students, I made a promise to myself to question at least one question in each lecture. Though I worked myself up to ask questions, they did not understand the meaning of my questions and I keenly felt the lack of my communication in English. But I realized the problem was not just my English but more basic things. To make myself understand, it was important to look in their eyes and to talk with the feeling of wanting to be understood and wanting to know what they were saying. I felt that when this feeling and the words came together, one can make themselves understood. And the feeling of wanting to know the person you are talking to is the same as wanting to know the culture and the history of their country as well. I think it can be said also for the other way around thus I would like to study on my own country. This is what I felt everyday through the two weeks of spending with the Taiwanese and the Japanese students.
   And this may be a basic thing, but I would like to try to keep in mind to do the right things as a person.
   As for 2), I realized it because I was mortified by the preparation of the presentation of the research and the presentation on the final day.
 I studied in the laboratory of Dr. TK on the chromatin structure of topoisomerase Ⅲαand its role in DNA stability. The experiments were exciting for I was able to conduct new experiments and the time went by really quickly. I thought I had conducted the experiments thinking of the meaning and the purpose of it and of what I learned from the results. But the day before the presentation, I realized through the discussions with the member of the laboratory that I hadn't understood the connection between each experiments and the whole picture of it. Because I hadn't understood it, no one could understand what I talked about. And in the presentation, I was trying too hard to speak that I didn't have any time to think about the people who were listening.
   To become a researcher, I felt it was important to think of the story by understanding the meaning of each experiment. I thought that there were two ways to think and understand, one was to think by yourself and the other was to think with the others. I would like to become a person who could do both ways of thinking.

   The memories of Taiwan had become a good one in the end because I had both fun and rough experiences. I would like to thank everyone who was involved for giving me such a valuable opportunity and I am grateful to have been able to meet characteristic people who I could not have met if it hadn't been for this program. And I would also like to improve myself by understanding what I lacked and would like to become a person who could motivate others.

(From report)


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