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Report on Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan

Kotaro Mori: D1, Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences

Major: Infection Biology

Accepting Laboratory: Dr. TK Li Laboratory

Experiencing Short-term Visit to National Taiwan University

   My objective in participating in this Short-term Visiting Program in Taiwan was 1) to strengthen the international competitiveness and communication in English, 2) to perform research activities outside my own laboratory, and 3) to make friends of same age at the National Taiwan University. In the lab rotation, the main event of the program, I stayed in the laboratory of Dr. TK Li. There, I learned a number of experimental techniques from the experiments which I have never experienced to the experiments which I didn't even know the name of. And even for the simple cell culture maneuver I had seen an ingenuity which I thought would be beneficial for my future experiments. Though I was not familiar with the research theme of the accepting laboratory, I was able to understand the background and the meaning of the research and the objective of the experiments owning to the close discussions with the students of the lab and for their explaining to me until I understood. The schedule of the experiments had been planned in details that I was able to conduct many experiments at the same time. What was incredible was that the experiments conducted in four days were each based on an independent research theme and each assay differed which were experiments I have never conducted. To have been given many assay protocols in just four days and to conduct experiments had been a valuable experience. As for the making of the presentation, I think I had been able to take full advantage of the basic skills I have acquired in the University of Tsukuba. On the story making, I had close discussions with the students of our laboratory and tried to make a presentation which would be connected to my own research theme. And with the research of Dr.TK Li as a base, I have united the knowledge I acquired in the University of Tsukuba and am sure that I had made a characteristic presentation. But what had been the barrier in making the presentation was my English proficiency. The students in laboratory of Dr.TK Li were all fluent in English and were outstanding in science that there were many times where they supported me when I couldn't make myself understood in English. I keenly felt that there was a great difference in the knowledge on science and English proficiency between the students of the NTU. Before arriving in Taiwan, I strongly felt that I need to study on English to strengthen international competitiveness but now I strongly feel that I need to study on science as well. I could not have forgotten this but through this program, I had realized of its importance and am grateful for it. And through the four days of lab rotation, I was able to become friends with the students of laboratory of Dr.TK Li and many NTU students with whom I have been keeping in touch with since then. I am positive that we have become best friends for the future research, education and personal life.
   By completing the program, my feelings toward studying abroad had gotten stronger and had understood what I need to improve to study abroad. With this experience, I would like to make preparations for studying abroad in the future. Thank you very much for giving us an opportunity to have a valuable experience.

(From report)


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