Faculty List (Master’s Program)

Name (Title) Major

OKAYAMA Hisayo* mail

KAWANO Atsuko mail

Mental health of a perinatal period Women's health nursing, Maternal and Infant Health Care Women’s Stress in Maternal Period and after Birth

Midwifery Course


OZAWA Noriko mail

Child Health Care Nursing, Family Health Nursing, Development Nursing, Child Health Care Nursing, Family Nursing

Family HealthNursing (CNS)

MIZUNO Michiyo* mail

MUTA Rieko mail

YAMASHITA Michiyo mail

Cancer Nursing, Palliative Care, Quality of Life, Cancer Nursing, Palliative Care, Family support at end of life

Cancer Nursing (CNS)

MORI Chizuru* mail

SUGAYA Tomokazu mail

Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, Nursing Education, Child and Adolescent psychiatric nursing, Activity Group Therapy

Psychiatric MentalHealth Nursing (CNS)

ANME Tokie* mail

International community care and Lifespan development: Empowerment Sciences

SANKAI Tomoko* mail

OMIYA Tomoko mail

DEGUCHI Naoko mail

Public health, Population-based epidemiological study on life-style related diseases, Preventive medicine, Occupational health, School health, occupational health and community health nursing. Areas related to health sociology and positive health, School health, Health sociology

KATSUMATA Asako Takekuma* mail

FUKUZAWA Rieko mail

TOGOOBAATAR Ganchimeg mail

SUGIMOTO Keiko mail

Global health nursing, Primary Health Care, Nursing ethics, Gerontrogical nursing, Safety and quality of care, Leadership/administration in nursing, Global health nursing, Mental healthcare for pregnant and postpartum women, Maternal and child health, Quality of care, International health, Cross-national comparison of women’s perinatal experiences, Doula support

HIDAKA Kikue* mail

SHIBAYAMA Taiga mail

ABE Yoshiki mail

ASANO Yoshihiro mail

HAGINOYA Hiromi mail

Rehabilitation Nursing, Chronic illness care, Quantitative methods, Care for patients with neuromuscular disease, Chironic pain, Occupational health nursing, Nursing Informatics, Support for Nursing Experts, Evaluation of Stress, Nursing Skill, Nursing Education

Chronic Care Nursing (CNS)

*…Professor unmarked…Associate Professor

Faculty List (Doctoral Program)

Name (Title) Area Major Research Content HP
Anme Tokie mail
Nursing Science Advanced Topics in Nursing Science IV, etc.
  • 1.Health Promotion and Community Empowerment
  • 2.Plasticity of Lifespan Development and Environment
  • 3.Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Community Care and Health-Social Services
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Kawaguchi Takayasu mail
Nursing Science Advanced Topics in Nursing Science IV, etc.
  • 1. Research in Nursing Ergonomics
  • 2. Development of Telenursing System
  • 3. Environment Design in Hospital
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Hidaka Kikue mail
Nursing Science Advanced Topics in Nursing Science V, etc.
  • 1. Rehabilitation Nursing
  • 2. Evaluation of Nursing techniques
  • 3. Intervention study of nutrition and swallowing
Mizuno Michiyo mail
Nursing Science Advanced Topics in Nursing Science VI, etc.
  • 1. Study on Health Behaviors of Cancer Patients
  • 2. Intervention Study of Postsurgical Cancer Patients
  • 3. Study on Palliative Care to Cancer Patients
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Mori Chizuru mail
Nursing Science Advanced Topics in Nursing Science II, etc.
  • 1. Rehabilitation Nursing for Schizophrenic Patients
  • 2. Nursing Care for Drug and Alcohol Addicts
  • 3. Study on Nursing for Eating Disorders
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*Professor is only available as your advisor.