Message from the Dean

Chizuru Mori

The Master’s Program in Nursing Science develops educators/ researchers that can take leading roles in nursing and as advanced professionals that possess the ability to practice nursing based on scientific basis with academic as well as global perspectives and determination to devote themselves to their duties as researchers.

This major provides training education of Certified Nursing Specialists in four fields (Cancer Nursing, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Chronic Care Nursing, and Family Health Nursing). Apart from these fields there is also training education for maternity nurses and the acquisition of a vocational license for school nurses. We believe the educational system of this major regarding the training of advanced professionals is able to correspond to a wide range of diverse medical needs. With education and research, we also help to build the foundations of the ability to transmit the achieved results with global standards both within and outside of the country.

We wish the major of nursing science to be an interdisciplinary and international major that “looks towards the future”. While vitalizing the interchanges of students as well as teachers with research and education between schools with academic agreements, we also would like to focus on realistic issues that exist with health conditions and the everyday lives of people. Our aim is to support approaches for their solutions through education and research activities in the nursing science major.

Join us to learn together in the major of nursing science and become leaders in the future of nursing.

Chizuru Mori