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Career Supports

   The Office of Planning and Evaluation for Graduate Education will continue the career up activities such as the "Career Path Camp" and other activities, which were started by the Renaissance Program.
   With the help of alumni, the "Alumni Network" project will engage in career up support for graduate students.
   It will be operated in coordination with the Career Path Seminar by Master's Program in Medical Sciences, Career Path Camp by the Majors of Medical Sciences and the Office for Career Support of University of Tsukuba.

Infomation of Career Path Seminar

Infomation of Career Suports


Career Support links

Infomation of Career Path Seminar

◆ Master's Program in Medical Sciences Career Path Seminar 2012

 "Career vision and leadership training"
  ~ A leader behaves like a leader before becoming one~

Date: Saturday, September 8, 2012 (10 am-5pm)

Venue: University of Tsukuba
Health and Medical Science Innovation Laboratory Bldg. 8F

Program Coordinator: Mr. Satoru Someya

Guest lecturer:
Mr. Yoshiyasu Kondo
 (Creative producer)
Mr. Takuya Naruse
 (Representative director and producer of Willforward inc.)

* Click here for the report of the day (PDF).

* Click here for the reports on Facebook.

◆ Past Career Path Seminars & Camps

   Please refer to the links below for the previous reports.

Internal links  Career Path Seminar
    HP of Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Internal links  Career Path Camp
    HP of Renaissance Program (Japanese text only)


Infomation of Career Suports

◆ [ Career support seminar for Doctoral students & Postdoctoral Fellows~ How to prepare company application documents for researchers. ]

   Do you know how to prepare application documents that convey your true abilities and expertise which you gained from research?
   Many companies seek people with excellent abilities in the present tough business environment. On the other hand, many people have a hard time getting over high barriers, such as, document screening. You must think about what companies expect from a person with a doctoral degree and then you need to sell yourself as exactly what they need.
   Would you like to learn how to prepare the application documents and get some hints specifically for researchers, knowledge which you cannot acquire from general How-to books?

Date : Wednesday, February 29, 2012 2:00 pm-5:00 pm

Venue : University of Tsukuba Area 1 Bldg. E 2F Room 204

Participants: Fixed-term teachers, reseachers, the students of Doctoral Programs

Number of people: 30

Application/Contacts: Office of Diversity

* Please go to he University of Tsukuba Office of Diversity HP for more information.((Japanese text only)


1. Introducing recruitment scheme

Why do they hire people with postdoctoral degree?
How to recruit people and its flow
Required application documents

2. A secret of preparing application documents 1
(Curriculum vitae/List of your achievements)

3. A secret of preparing application documents 2
(Work history / Research history section in CV)

◆ "TX Technology Showcase in Tsukuba 2012" Recruitment for Poster Presentation

     The "Tsukuba Technology Showcase" was started in 2001 to promote cross-sectional exchange between researchers, engineers, industries and administration, along with reciprocal exchanges between each researchers and engineers through the presentation by Tsukuba's researchers and engineers of the latest researches, achievements, ideas and techniques. At the same time, it hopes to be an event of opportunities for venture businesses and researchers with new ideas. The host organization, Science Academy of Tsukuba (Director Leo Esaki), has announced recruitment for poster presentation. Continuing from last year, it is expected to promote an exchange between generations by giving opportunities for the postdoctoral fellows, undergraduate and graduate students to give presentation and display their achievements.
   As a co-hosting organization, our university will take into account to cooperate and ask the faculties, postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students of each department to participate in this event.

   For other displays, it is being considered at the moment.

Period:Friday, January 13, 2012

Deadline for application(Poster Presentation)
:Wednesday, November 30, 2011 (Deadline has changed)

Deadline for submission of abstract
:Wednesday, November 30,2011 (Deadline has changed)

Registration Fee:
  Faculty 30,000 yen
  Postdoctoral fellow, etc. 20,000 yen
  Undergraduate and Graduate Students free of charge

* For details on application, check  homepage for Guidelines for Application.

* To apply for the Poster Presentation, fill in "application form" on the HP above or send "Applications for Poster Presentation" by fax to the "Science Academy of Tsukuba".



◆ 2011 Group Meeting with Alumni (Industries and Organizations)

   TDivision of Career Services is holding 2011 Group Meeting with Alumni during Jan.10-Feb.13, 2012 (18 days in total).

Participating Industries: Refer to the link on PDF (list of participating industries and organizations)

Participants: Undergraduate and graduate students

* For details, click here to download PDF file.
 (Japanese text only)

◆ "Experience Sharing Meeting" by Job-hunting Supporter


   The Division of Career Services has organized a "Experience Sharing Meeting" by the Job-hunting supporters who have finished job-hunting and start working in April,2012.
   The meeting for December has been decided and we ask for those who are interested to participate.

7th meeting Monday, December 5,2011 3:15pm-5:00pm
8th meeting Friday, December 9,2011 3:15pm-5:00pm
9th meeting Friday, December 16,2011 1:45pm-3:30pm
10th meeting Monday, December 19,2011 3:15pm-5:00pm

* For details, click thumbnail on right to download PDF file.
 (Japanese text only)

◆ Industry Analysis Bus Tour


   TIC hosting tour exclusive for the students of University of Tsukuba and Tsukuba Gakuin University.

Date:Tuesday, November 29, 2011 (火)
Fee:500 yen

* For details, click thumbnail on right to download PDF file.
 (Japanese text only)

◆ Seminar on Job-hunting Basics by the Division of Career Services

Following last year, the Division of Career Services will hold practice-style "Seminar on Job-hunting Basics" and support students' job-hunting.

Session:November 30, 2011 - December 21,201
     Every Wednesday Afternoon

* Details on Application: Check  Employment Service System.
* No late arrival, no leaving early please.

◆ 2011 Schedule of Career Guidance for 1st year student of Master's Program in Medical Sciences (beginning November)

* Same as 3rd year students in undergraduate course

* Check for details on Employment Service Systemfor schedule changes.   (Registration required to access the Employment Information Service System)

Date Time Contents     * Note
Nov.2 (Wed)  15:15-16:30    Industry Analysis (Telecommunication)
Nov.2 (Wed)  16:45-18:00    Industry Analysis
   (Resource Development/Energy)
Nov.9(Wed)  15:15-16:30    Industry Analysis(Transportation)
Nov.9(Wed)  16:45-18:00    Industry Analysis (Research)
Nov.15(Wed)  15:15-16:30    Job-hunting Etiquettes 1 (Make-up)
Nov.15(Wed)  16:45-18:00    Job-hunting Etiquettes 2 (Attire)
Nov.28(Wed)  10:00-12:00    SPI Practical Course
 * 250 persons, Upon registration
Nov.30(Wed)  13:45-16:30    How to Write CV/Entry sheet
 * Upon registration
Dec.7(Wed)  13:45-16:30    Strategy on Group Discussion
 * Upon registration
Dec.14(Wed)  13:45-16:30    Group Interview Methods
 * Upon registration
Dec.21(Wed)  13:45-16:30    Individual Interview Methods
 * Upon registration
January~March 1.5 hour/session
per week
   How to Write an Entry Sheet
 * 5 persons/session, Upon registration
January~March 1.5 hour/session
per week
   Strategy on Group Discussion
 * 10persons/session,  Upon registration
January~March 1.5 hour/session
per week
   Interview Methods
 * 5 persons/session, Upon registration


Career Support links

Internal links:Internal links  /   External links:External links

Internal links  Career Path Seminar
    HP of Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Internal links  Career Path Camp
    HP of Renaissance Program (Japanese text only)

Internal links  Career Support/Guidance
    HP of Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Internal links  Employment Service System
    HP of Office for Career Support in University of Tsukuba (Japanese text only)


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