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Alumni Network

   Starting in 2010, this project evolve around the experienced alumni and with the realtime voices from the current students and faculty, we focus on developing a practice-based system to respond to the demands of the students.

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Project Outline

   This Project is an engagement of The Office of Planning and Evaluation for Graduate Education to promote one of the "2011 Priority Measures/Improvements for Graduate School in Medical Sciences/Medical Branch" of University of Tsukuba- "to promote systematic projects on matters such as surveys and mutual exchange of employment information with secure connection with the alumni".
     This engagement is supported financially by Provost Discretionary Budget of the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences as a project "Career Support and Reform of Curriculum with the Enhancement of Network with Alumni".  


Project Engagement

1) Career path support for graduate students 

Click here for Career Producer System

2) Actualization and quality improvement of graduate education

3) Improvement of environment for research and education in the Master's Program in Medical Sciences

4) Enhancement of off-campus education in Master's Program in Medical Sciences

5) Public relations for Master's Program in Medical Sciences


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