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Outline Acceptance Report

Musha-shugyo Program

   The medical majors of Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences of University of Tsukuba (Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences, Doctoral Program in Clinical Sciences, Master's/Doctoral Program in Nursing Science and Master's Program in Medical Sciences) have been promoting the actualization of a graduate education from the aspects of the cultivation of independency, interdisciplinarity, and internationality in graduate students.

   Through the two programs initiative by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology- "Experiencing Global Standards Musha-shugyo Program" (Initiatives for Attractive Education in Graduate School 2005-2006), "Personalized Medical-Education Renaissance Program" (Program for Enhancing Systematic Education in Graduate School 2008-2010), we have promoted not only the actualization of the graduate education but the establishment and operation of course works in consideration of future degree programs and establishment of a general outline and operation of "Musha-shugyo Program" to cultivate the independency and internationality of the graduate students.

   With the completion of these programs, we will strive to further continue to hold open recruitment for "Musha-shugyo Program for Career Up", to give opportunities for students to conduct researches in a high level international environment and for them to acquire basic knowledge to conduct researches on their own.

Details of Musha-shugyo Program for Career Up

   In "Musha-shugyo Program", the graduate students set a goal by themselves and make a research plan through negotiations with their supervisors, foreign graduate students and industries. The plans include the participations in the International Conferences and Trainings as well as the collaborative researches with domestic and international research institutions together with education and research subsidiary activities in educational institutions outside Japan.

The descriptions of the activities are:

1) to visit and conduct collaborative researches in the domestic and international world-class institutions and industries of advanced medical care and research,

2) to participate in the International Conferences and through the exchanges with the foreign researchers, gather information on world's leading researches,

3) to participate in International Trainings to brush up one's experimental skills,

4) and other activities which will lead to the students' career up/improvement.


What is "Musha-shugyo Program"?

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