Research Thesis

At the College of Medical Science, completing the “graduation thesis” (or Undergraduate thesis) marks the starting point for students to pursue their research career. Teaching and education are conducted by the faculty members form College of Medicine and College of Medical Sciences, including clinical medicine (clinical practice in medicine involving patients), basic medicine (fundamental concept and analysis in medicine), and social medicine ( how social and economic conditions impact health). As you deepen your studies at the College of Medical Sciences, you will have opportunities to meet and conduct research with faculty members in various research fields.

Learning through Research

The College of Medical Sciences offers more than 100 medical science subjects, including in-class lectures and laboratory-practices in medical technology. Medical technology connects basic medicine and clinical medicine. When studying for the national examination subjects for medical technologists, including histopathological cytology, clinical physiology, clinical chemistry, clinical hematology, clinical microbiology, and clinical immunology, you are studying both basic and clinical medicine.

Integrating education and research

The foundation of the College of Medical Sciences education is based on lectures and training courses directly related to medical technology. Students will learn the research results of their predecessors from the textbook and skills demanded of a medical technologist by practice. Many of the skills are useful not only for clinical examination but also for medical research. The goal is to gain new insights by building on the knowledge and skills students have acquired. In other words, there is an integration of education and research. Graduation thesis, research seminar, coaching fundamentals and practice, and other exploratory activities are conducted away from classrooms and training rooms. Students will obtain skills through discussion with the faculty members and with their peers.

Personalized Carreer Development

Students will select their major at the end of 2nd year. The “Medical Science” major is designed for training medical technologists who can also conduct medical research. The requirements include 37 courses on specialist subjects, graduation thesis, and clinical practice in laboratories. For the “International Medical Science” major, the required courses are seven courses on specialist subjects, graduation thesis, and research seminars. Students who join the International Medical Science major can customize their courses to fit their career paths. Students may elect not to take clinical practice in laboratories in order to focus their time in research and international activities.

For International Students

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