Research Fields

Education at the College of Medical Sciences is primarily contributed by faculty members from the division of biomedical science and clinical medicine.

Research Fields Name Position
Anatomy and Embryology WARABI Eiji Instructor
Experimental Pathology SUZUKI Hiroyuki Associate Professor
Experimental Pathology OKITA Yukari Assistant Professor
Experimental Pathology KAWANISHI Kunio Assistant Professor
Gene Regulation HISATAKE Koji Professor
Gene Regulation FUKUDA Aya Associate Professor
Gene Regulation NISHIMURA Ken Associate Professor
Molecular Oncology UCHIDA Kazuhiko Associate Professor
Virology FUNAKOSHI Yuji Assistant Professor
Microbiology MORIKAWA Kazuya Professor
Molecular Parasitology HO Kiong Associate Professor
Immunology SHIBUYA Kazuko Associate Professor
Medical Genetics NOGUCHI Emiko Professor
Medical Genetics MIYADERA Hiroko Assistant Professor
Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Biology OHNEDA Osamu Professor
Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Biology FUKUSHIGE Mizuho Assistant Professor
Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Biology VUONG Cat Khanh Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering MIYOSHI Hirotoshi Instructor
Environmental Biology KUMAGAI Yoshito Professor
Environmental Biology OBAYASHI Norihiko Associate Professor
Environmental Biology ABIKO Yumi Assistant Professor
Medical Education OOKAWA Keiko Instructor
Radiation Health Risk Sciences ISOBE Tomonori Professor
Medical Sciences OBARA Naoshi Professor
Medical Sciences KOIKE Akira Professor
Medical Sciences SHODA Junichi Professor
Medical Sciences OKADA Kousuke Associate Professor
Medical Sciences AITA yuichi Assistant Professor

In addition to the above faculty members, other faculty members also participate the medical science education.