School of Medicine and Health Sciences

School of Medicine and Health Sciences consists of three colleges: College of Medicine, College of Nursing, and College of Medical Sciences. All three colleges aim to foster talented human resources capable of contributing to the world through prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human diseases, and through nursing. Integrated education programs are provided for 6 years in College of Medicine, and for 4 years in Colleges of Nursing and Medical Sciences through a wide range of academic fields from liberal arts to professional education.

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

College of Medicine

College of Medicine is a school which fosters medical doctors who will serve and contribute to the global society in the fields of clinical medicine, basic medical research, social medicine, as well as higher medical education as faculty members. Our aim is to train medical doctors with generous humanity, fundamental clinical skills, problem-solving capability, and good communication skills all at high standard. Our entrance examination is fully open to students who have been educated overseas irrespective of the nationality/citizenship, and human resources development is focused on internationality to all students. Furthermore, special curriculum is provided to those who are interested in basic science research through extensive laboratory training from the first year of education. Upon completion of the medical education, students are certified as Bachelor of Medicine, and after successful completion of the National Examination for Doctors clinical training will succeed. Following two years of the initiation clinical program, career paths will be served including medical specialists, entering a graduate school aiming for a doctorate of medicine (Ph.D.), etc. College of Medicine provides a curriculum that covers a wide range of future careers, and hence, nourish talented individuals who can play an active role in the healthcare society.

College of Nursing

College of Nursing aims to cultivate graduates with nursing positions such as nurse, health nurse, and school nurse, or midwifes, researchers, and educators after graduate school, who can take a leadership role in the field of the medical health care welfare and the education.

College of Medical Sciences

College of Medical Sciences provides education for students to become research scientists in Medical Science and clinical laboratory professionals. We aim to train our students in basic knowledge, technical skills, and professional perspective that are essential to succeed in medical sciences.

School of Comprehensive Studies

Students enrolled in School of Comprehensive Studies, after spending one year, can be transferred to the College of Medicine, College of Nursing or College of Medical Sciences based on the first year academic attainments and appropriate aptitude tests. There are restrictions on the number of students enrolled in each college and required subjects completed during the first year. Please refer to the web site of the School of Comprehensive Studies for details.