Yunong Wang 

Positive, patient and persistent.

The most charming part of Doctoral Program in Clinical Science is that eventually, every effort you contribute to research will make a way for you to become a qualified researcher. It is also exciting that you can get opportunities to have discussions with many excellent researchers from various backgrounds and present your work at big conferences. Do not surrender to troubles in research because the beginning is always the hardest.

Meidi Utami Puteri Completed in 2020

I feel happy being student in this university

Hello, my name is Meidi from Indonesia. I enrolled as Master’s Student in Medical Science on October 2014 then graduated on September 2016. I never thought that my decision to study abroad in University of Tsukuba leads me to the unforgettable journey in my lifetime. Those two years were the most colorful year in my life. I met interesting and motivating people who help, inspire, and encourage me a lot. I am grateful to have an opportunity working in the international environment with inspiring teachers and many friendly friends from several countries. I’ve learnt a lot of skills at University of Tsukuba. Compare to myself before I go to Japan, I found my self much better now. Not only my knowledge about molecular cancer biology increase, my experimental and laboratory skills also improve. Moreover, in this program they also gave us many chances to improve our English and Presentation Discussion skills through involving us in many scientific presentation and discussion session both at class and at laboratory. This program also offer us some overseas activity during holiday session which allow us not only to study but also to make new friends from other countries, exchange experiences, and having fun. And now I’m continuing my study to Doctoral Degree in Biomedical Science Program at the same laboratory because I still want to sharpen my knowledge about molecular cancer biology, gain more experiences, improve my soft skills especially in English Presentation and Discussion, and of course because I still feel happy being student in this university ^^

Rudy Completed in 2019

I hope to learn and enjoy more, both the science and the play.

Hello, I am Rudy from Indonesia. I enrolled in the Master’s program in medical sciences in October 2013 and completed it in September 2015. It was such a memorable 2-years program with lots of experience. I have learnt many things from the basic of molecular biology to up-to-date drug development. In addition, we could enjoy a lot of attractive presentations while making some ourselves. Moreover, I also got a lot of advanced experimental techniques from my lab, which I think I could never learn enough. Furthermore, there are a lot of interesting international conferences and seminars which helped me understand the recent development in medical field. With a lot of fun and helpful friends and lab members, I could enjoy my life to the fullest during my program in Japan and I’d like to thank them for that. In addition, the international environment provided by the school opened up my mind to look at my world from many different perspectives. This was such an eye-opening experience for me. Although there are some limitations in language, it was no big deal since most of them could communicate in English and we can also learn Japanese language through the program provided by international student center. In addition, we could join many cultural and sports activities which keep me entertained and healthy. After graduating, I am now continuing the doctoral program in the same lab. I hope to learn and enjoy more, both the science and the play.