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Laboratory of Gene Regulation
Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences
University of Tsukuba

Analysis for quality control and epigenetic regulation on iPS cells

iPS cells which induced by conventional methods have broad variation of pluripotency because of the difference of expression balance of reprogramming factors in each cells. In contrast, our persistent RNA vector can express transgenes in fixed expression balance from single vector genome, and more, we can control the balance by exchanging their location in the vector genome. We have already constructed many types of vectors expressing four Yamanaka factors with different expression balance, and they could produce iPS cell lines with different pluripotency. Thus, we try to analyze the mechanism inducing such a different pluripotency including epigenetic regulation during iPS cell production. These analyses will contribute to establish the efficient methods for producing high-quality iPS cells.

Fig. Quality variation of iPS cells produced by different vectors. (Green: Nanog expression)



---Analysis for transcriptional regulation on early stage of iPS cell production

---Analysis for quality control and epigenetic regulation on iPS cells

---Establishment of safe differentiation system by using persistent RNA vector