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Laboratory of Gene Regulation
Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences
University of Tsukuba

Establishment of safe differentiation system by using persistent
RNA vector

For the application of tissue differentiated from pluripotent stem cells, there is a risk of tumor formation by the undifferentiated cells contaminating into the differentiated tissue. This is one of the serious problems for its application to regenerative medicine. Our persistent RNA vector can infect persistently to stem cells without any affect on their differentiation. Moreover, the vector can be artificially removed from the infected cells by inhibition of its replication and transcription. So, we are trying to establish the method for removal of the undifferentiated cells from in vitro differentiated tissue by using our vectors to eliminate the cancer risk. It will be applied to development of safe and practical cell differentiation system and contribute to establishment of regenerative medicine using pluripotent stem cells.

Fig. Differentiation of iPS cells infected with EGFP-expressing persistent RNA vector.



---Analysis for transcriptional regulation on early stage of iPS cell production

---Analysis for quality control and epigenetic regulation on iPS cells

---Establishment of safe differentiation system by using persistent RNA vector