11 Nov 2020

From Pleasure to Decision-Making. Getting Closer to Understanding the Diverse and Complex Functions of Dopamine Neurons.

(Published Nov 11, 2020)

Professor Masayuki Matsumoto, TMRC University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Medicine

“Every day of our lives, we make many different decisions. In many cases, we are faced with choosing which of several options would be most rewarding for us. What kind of brain mechanisms might be responsible for the logical decision-making that helps us choose more rewarding behaviors? The key to answering this question is a substance called dopamine, and the neurons that produce it, called dopamine neurons. Prof. Matsumoto is studying the functions of dopamine neurons with the aim of uncovering what role they play in decision-making.”

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(Article by Science Communicator at the Office of Public Relations, University of Tsukuba)

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