University of Tsukuba

Transborder Medical Research Center

1-1-1 Tenodai Tsukuba,

Ibaraki, Japan 305-8577

Tel: +81 (0)29-853-7516      Fax: +81 (0)29-853-6965

We welcome arranged visits for the purposes of enhancing research, collaboration and education.

(Please understand however, that access and meeting availability is strictly by appointment only.)

How to get to Transborder Medical Research Center facilities based at University of Tsukuba.

JR Joban Line

About 1 hour from Ueno, get off at Hitachino Uki, Arakawa Oki or Tsuchiura, about 30 minutes by "Tsukuba University Center" bus from each station (get off at "University of Tsukuba hospital entrance" or "before entrance to student dormitory")

Tsukuba Express (Train)

45 Minutes from Akihabara station, get off at Tsukuba station, transfer to the Tsukuba University Circulation Bus (clockwise) or Tsukuba University Central Bus Line at the Tsukuba Center Stop No. 6. The journey takes about 10 minutes to "Tsukuba University Hospital Entrance", or get off in front of "Echigoe College Dormitory"

More information and train timetables - (Tsukuba Express Website)

Highway Bus

It takes about 1 hour by express bus from Tokyo Station - Yaesu South Exit to "University of Tsukuba" or "Tsukuba Center"

- From Tsukuba Center (Bus Terminal), get off at Tsukuba University Hospital

- To Tsukuba Center "at Tsukuba Center" take Tsukuba University circulation bus (clockwise). Alternatively, change to "Tsukuba University Central" bus and get off after about 10 minutes (at "University Entrance to Tsukuba Hospital" or "before Ochoshi student residence")

From Airport

Narita airport:
Airport → "Tsukuba center" line bus (about 100 minutes) · Tsukuba University circulation (clockwise) or Tsukuba University Central bus line (about 10 minutes) from Tsukuba Center

Haneda airport:
Airport → “Tsukuba center” line bus (about 120 minutes) · Tsukuba University circulation (clockwise) or Tsukuba University Central Bus line (about 10 minutes) from Tsukuba center

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