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H22 training reports

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山崎 浩 疾患制御医学 Heart Rhythm 2010 / 米国ミシガン大学 H22.5.9-H22.5.17

課題:Prevalence and Characteristics of Asymptomatic Excessive Transmural Injury to the Esophagus following Radiofrequency Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation

五十嵐 都 疾患制御医学 Heart Rhythm 2010 / 米国ミシガン大学 H22.5.9-H22.5.17

課題:「ECG Characteristics of Ventricular Arrhythmias Arising from the Aortic Sinus Cusp Region」および「ECG Characteristics and Long-term Outcome of Catheter Ablation in Idiopathic, Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia/Fibrillation Arising From the Outflow Tract」

沼田 和志 社会環境医学 ハンガリー セゲド大学 / The EMBO meeting 2010-Barcelona Genome stability & dynamics H22.8.31-H22.9.9

課題:HMGB1 stimulates RAG-mediated cleavage at cryptic recombination signal sequences in the TEL-AML1 t(12;21)(p13;q22) chromosomal translocation

Mohammad Delwer
Hossain Hawlader
疾患制御医学 International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh: ICDDR,B. H22.8.5-H22.8.13

課題:Impact of pranatal supplementation and early postnatal influences on allergic diseases in childhood

人見 香織 生命システム医学 The 50th Midwinter Conference of Immunologists at Asilomar H23.1.22-H23.1.25

課題:A novel immunoglobulin-like receptor, Allergin-1, inhibits IgE-mediated allergic responses.

久岡 美晴 生命システム医学 The 9th EMBL Conference Transcription and Chromatin / スイス連邦工業大学ローザンヌ校 H22.8.27-H22.9.4

課題:Nucleolar chromatin regulation by B23/nucleophosmin depends upon its RNA binding activity and transcription factor UBF

米山 智 疾患制御医学 the 32nd ESPN Congress H22.9.3-H22.9.10

課題:Overfeeding and Secondary Hyperglycemia rapidly amplify Systemic Inflammatory Response in a Rat Model of Sepsis

山口 龍志郎 疾患制御医学 European Society for Surgical Research -45th Annual Congress H22.6.8-H22.6.15


小林 里美 フロンティア医科学 国立台湾大学 短期派遣留学 H22.8.22-H22.9.4


岡田 理沙 フロンティア医科学 国立台湾大学 短期派遣留学 H22.8.22-H22.9.4


伊東 郁恵 フロンティア医科学 国立台湾大学 短期派遣留学 H22.8.22-H22.9.4


田中 陽子 疾患制御医学 74th American College of Rheumatology, 2010 Annual Scientific Meeting H22.11.6-H22.11.12

課題:Human STEAP4 (Six-Transmembrane Epithelial Antigen of Prostate 4) Regulates Inflammatory Cytokines and the Proliferation of Fibroblast-Like Synoviocyte in Patients with RA

飯塚 麻菜 疾患制御医学 74th American College of Rheumatology, 2010 Annual Scientific Meeting H22.11.8-H22.11.12

課題: A Role of Autoimmune Response to M3 Muscarinic Acethylcholine Receptor in the Pathogenesis of Sjögren's Syndrome Like Autoimmune Sialoadenitis.

天野 国明 疾患制御医学 6th Meeting of ASAMI International / 3rd World Congress on External Fixatin H22.10.19-H22.10.25


佐藤 允之 疾患制御医学 the 11th Annual Congress of Neurosurgical Society of Vietnam H22.10.6-H22.10.10

課題: Long-term follow up of Moyamoya disease in Tsukuba University

秋本 恵子 生命システム医学 第69回日本癌学会学術総会 H22.9.21-H22.9.24

課題:Analysis of the effect of mesenchymal stem cell on glioblastoma multiforme suppression

大橋 健 生命システム医学 5th International Symposium on GATA factors H22.11.16-H22.11.19

課題: Gene regulation of Gata1 by a histone demethylase LSD1 in zebrafish

森田 眞理子 分子情報・生体統御医学 2010年日本バイオインフォマティクス学会年会 H22.12.13-H22.12.15

課題:"Estimating dynamic valiance of MafB target genes expression in macrophage with promoter element detection by multiple alignment"

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