Dissertation in Medical Sciences

In the graduate education a special emphasis is placed on research training to achieve the educational purpose.

Students are required to do their thesis research during the two years (standard) of educational term under the supervision of a faculty member. Therefore, at the time of admission, students are required to chase their supervisor, and to have a definite goal of the work.

Presentation at conferences and publication in original papers

When the results are obtained in the research activities, students make presentations of their research at national and international conferences. Some students publish original papers as first author. Through the process of master's thesis education, acquisition of presentation skills is also important.

Dissertation defense

Mid-term evaluation

One chair and two vice committee members are selected for an applicant. Applicants are evaluated individually and receive advices for their future research.

Submission of master's thesis

Applicants summarize the master's thesis, and submit.

Dissertation defense

Dissertation defense is held and committee members determine the acceptance of master's thesis.

Excellent research award

Excellent research awards are selected from students who have completed the courses.