Program Outline

Message from the Chair

Medical sciences and medical care, with their related fields of science and technology, have made remarkable progress lately. The related areas founding the basis of medicine are rapidly growing, expanding and diverging. Thus, integration of medicine-related sciences and technologies is strongly required.
It now is an important social need to cultivate professionals who are well educated in the medicine- oriented sciences. Our master’s degree program in medical sciences was established to provide opportunities for those students who had received other undergraduate education than medicine to obtain knowledge of medicine and medical sciences, and to develop the ability of its application. Graduates of this program are expected to contribute to the progress of research in the fields of basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, community medicine and nursing science. It is also the aim of this program to train professionals who can serve as experts in various medicine-related fields, such as preventive medicine, occupational medicine, nursing, medical welfare, medical engineering and medical administration.

Many of the students currently enrolled in our program have obtained their undergraduate degree in an areas outside medicine, including pharmacy, biology, and chemistry. Such diversity has helped to create a unique academic environment in which students to can conduct frontline research through discussion and cooperation amongst their peers. We aim to significantly increase the number of students from overseas to further diversify our program.

ChairTomonori Isobe