Admission Examination

The following groups of applicants will be considered for this program.

  • (1) Graduates of university (4 year course) and soon-to-be graduates (bachelor) in April of that year.
  • (2) Individuals who have finished a total of 16 years of school education in foreign countries and meet the requirement of a bachelor degree.
  • (3) Individuals who are approved and deemed to have the same level of knowledge and learning ability with a bachelor degree by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.

Applicants have to pass paper and oral examinations given by a faculty member in the master course. Submission of school score records to the university is required. Applicants must also satisfy an adequate knowledge of English or Japanese capabilities, by which they can pursue academic and/or professional backgrounds appropriate for specialization in that field.

The detailed information will be announced when information becomes available.

Application Period

July 9 (Tue) - July 22 (Mon)

Examination Date

August 27 (Tue) 2024

Application Period

December 2 (Mon) - December 12 (Thu)

Examination Date

January 29 (Wed) 2025

The special applications

Graduate School Application Information for International Students

Application for Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program: MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) offers scholarships to international students who wish to study as graduate students at the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences for the Master's Program in Medical Sciences.

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