International Exchange

The University of Tsukuba aims to cultivate human resources with a global view by promoting international exchange to improve academic standards. In order to accomplish this goal, we have established agreements with overseas universities and the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies and offer a variety of activities such as delegating students and faculties abroad, a credit transfer system and accepting faculties from abroad. We also further provide a support to the study for overseas students. In the Medical Branch including the Master’s Program of Medical Sciences, education and research exchanges are enhanced ties with University of Edinburgh in England, University of Bordeaux (Bordeaux 2) in France, University of Bonn in Germany, National Taiwan University in Taiwan and Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam.

NTU-Tsukuba Long Distance Course

Since 2010, National Taiwan University and University of Tsukuba have organized an online lecture with the mutual communication. The aims of these lectures are to promote the international academic and research exchanges, to improve students’ scientific communication skills and explore the effective utilization of life science. This course is constructed of lectures by the faculty members of both National Taiwan University and University of Tsukuba, presentation and discussion by the graduate students and discussions about possible applications.

10th Summer Research Program in Tsukuba 2019

The 10th annual Summer Research Program in Tsukuba 2019 was held from July 16 to 26 in collaboration between Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences. Forty-two participants, represented from Brazil, France, Germany, Indonesia, Taiwan, the UK, and Vietnam, attended the program. All participants worked in a research laboratory of their choice and learned cutting-edge scientific skills and techniques for their research.

Scientific seminars were given by Prof. Satoru Takahashi (Faculty of Medicine) and Prof. Louis J Irving (Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences). Participants also attended an English lecture given by Prof. Thomas Mayers (Medical English Communications Center; MECC in Faculty of Medicine). Moreover, in collaboration with Tsukuba Summer Institute, organized by Faculty of Sports, students participated in the martial arts activities (Kendo, Judo and Archery).
Over the weekend, participants in Tsukuba Science Tour to visit JAXA and Botanical Garden and had social exchange with the University of Tsukuba students.

Each participant completed the program by presenting their research accomplishment on the final day. Awards were honored to the following participants:

Young Scientist Award Ms. Paulina Lubeigt (Bordeaux University)
Best Presentation Award Ms. Yen-Hsuan Chang (National Cheng Kung University) and Ms.Do Bao Tam Huynh (Anhalt University of Applied Sciences)
Best Discussion Award Mr. David Craig (University of Edinburgh)
Good Discussion Award Mr. Johan Cahyadirga (University of Indonesia) and Ms. Nguyen Duong My Kieu (Da Nang University)

This program contributes to the internationalization of the University of Tsukuba. We wish that many of the students who participated in the program will return to the University of Tsukuba as graduate students in the future.

Summer Research Program at National Taiwan University

Students of Master’s Program in Medical Sciences went to National Taiwan University for a short-term (2 weeks) visiting program and participated in the practices in the laboratories and CBT Summer Course lectures.