Digital Medicine Strategy Division
MedDx Research Support Office

Consultation for Data Management in Clinical Studies

(Consultation regarding data management and planning in clinical studies is available through MedDx Research Support Office for researchers within Faculty of Medicine at Tsukuba University, or University of Tsukuba Hospital.)

Consultation from our MedDx Research Support Office may be of assistance for researchers applying for approvals from the ethics committee or those planning studies using big data from the University of Tsukuba Hospital. Our office can also provide consultation services for researchers intending on acquiring data which potentially includes personal and private information, such as for collection of genome data from NIH, TOMMO, etc.).

Services for consultation and information on technical matters within the facility, such as server construction, analysis software, and/or networks, are also available.

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MedDx Research Support Office (Headed by Hiroyuki Nishiyama)