Basic Research Division
Metabologenomics Division

Metabologenomics Division

Basic disease prevention and treatment technology through “intestinal design”.

The targeting of the intestinal environment has recently attracted a large amount of attention for it's involvement in various diseases. Analysis of intestinal flora is obtained from metagenomic and metabolome analysis of intestinal metabolites using a massively parallel sequencer and mass spectrometer respectively.

We aim to create new basic biomedical technologies based on the control of intestinal microflora by integrating and understanding of the (metabologenomics) information obtained from research. Metagen Co., Ltd. was established and collaborates with TMRC research efforts to implement appropriate control of the intestinal (design) environment as a service for the benefit of the wider society. The goal is realize significant improvement in public health and longevity by understanding and controlling the intestinal environment.

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Research Leader

Shinji Fukuda Visiting Professor (Keio University Advanced Life Science Institute / Metagen Co., Ltd.)

Research Division Leader

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